The Big “O” Ain’t So Big

Stop the presses!!

Oprah isn’t perfect.

Even more important….she is human.

No, she isn’t super human and no she isn’t Jesus Christ.

In fact, I bet she is so human that her farts smell really bad after an egg salad sandwich!

Today, Oprah’s brush with a nervous breakdown made all the news channels because there is nothing happening in the world more important than Oprah. Who cares about what is happening in Kenya or the continuing tension in Syria?

This is a real news story because its Oprah and to many women Oprah is a person whose values, pursuits and successes are inspirational.

Make no mistake, Oprah Winfrey is a money-making machine. She is an industry unto herself. She has become a multi-millionaire and carries considerable influence and power in not only the world of entertainment and the media but also politically.

But just like every other person walking the face of Mother Earth, she is a human being. She doesn’t have an extra finger, more muscles, more intellect or a bigger brain than most of us….she has just been able to capture the energy and power inside hert and capitalized on it by being able to be the great person we all can be.

But. just like many people out there, when life gets overwhelming, she basically freaked out.

I get it – when you are balancing a television network, magazine empire, production company and trying to perform a role in a major motion picture as well as working very hard each and every day to maintain her god-like image….it ain’t easy. Its kinda like me trying to balance work, family life, paying the bills, grocery shopping, emptying the dishwasher, helping with the laundry, taking out the garbage, gardening, staying on top of relationships, exercising, investing in my marriage, all at the same time.

But why should it be? It doesn’t matter how many people support her or work for her, ultimately, its still her.

When you are that busy, do you really have time to stop and smell the coffee? For a woman who talks much about mindfulness and being present and in the moment and encourages millions of women to be their very best, follow their dreams but to also maintain balance, she might want to listen to her own words.

I have to wonder whether or not this whole story about her near nervous breakdown is really legitimate?

Maybe she deliberately planted this story to ease some of the pressure that is being placed on her so she can catch her breath. Maybe she is using herself as an example of what happens when you take on too much or can’t take the heat.

Maybe there is a new book coming out that will be about Oprah’s struggles with anxiety over her world being too much to handle.

Maybe it will have an initial print run of 5 million copies, making it the biggest book launch in the history of the world? Maybe she will go on a three year press junket in support of her book, selling an additional 10 million copies when it gets released in paperback and is the impetus for a new line of DVDs hosted by Oprah Winfrey of how to do everything, take on the world and still be home in time to make dinner, tuck the kids in and make an apple pie?

I know, a tad sarcastic and silly…..but it is my blog.

But I wonder if her recent story has let her followers down…or do you think even more of them will adore and worship her because of her imperfections and her admission to being human?

I wonder why I watched this story on a newscast today? Why is it newsworthy? Is it that important an international news story that it needs to be in the newscast along with stories about political unrest, crime and human rights? Oh nuts, that part was meant for my teenage daughter’s grade 11 media studies class about the blurred lines between credible news and entertainment-based news?

Maybe Oprah will know…after all, she knows everything!


About I'm Just A Dad

Stephen Gosewich is just a Dad (he is a former Enlightened Male but decided to change the name because when you search Enlightened Male, "other...wink, wink" are displayed. He spends his days during the week as a working stiff. At all other times, he just enjoys hanging out with his best friend and wife and their two very active and inspiring daughters.
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