What is on your screensaver?

My "Screensaver"

What is your screensaver on your computer at home….at work…or on your smartphone?

What does a person's choice of screensaver say about them? What message does it convey?

Those of us who work in a large office environment and who are fortunate enough to call a 5'x5' workstation cubicle "home", probably look at their choice of image for their screensaver as close as they will be able to get to personalizing their work space. Plants usually die because of a lack of natural light and framed pictures of loved ones usually get covered up with post-it notes with important reminders or phone numbers.

Lets face it, your computer screen is the last piece of real estate in our work place that gives us unencumbered access to personalization….when of course, its not being used for emails, spreadsheets or word document files that allow us to do our jobs.

I have a picture of me, my wife and my two daughters that was recently taken on our holiday, as my screensaver at the office and at home. My Blackberry device has a picture of my two daughters.

I always try to keep updated pictures of them on each of these devices. Looking at them each and every day is a reminder of what is important to me. Seeing their image everyday also reminds me of how incredible it is to have them in my life and how much I appreciate and love each of them.

As I meet people and interact with them or see them in their work place, I am always curious about what they use as their screensaver. As an aspiring "Enlightened Male", I try not to judge them based on what I see, but I am curious as to what motivates people and I think a screensaver is a good measurement of that. Some people might not think its appropriate to customize their screensaver as it might not be considered professional or that it reveals too much about the personal side of a person. Others might say they are too busy to think about stuff like this. We all have our reasons.

For example, my boss has a screensaver of a very expensive Bentley (his "dream" car). My other colleague has a screensaver of cats (she is a cat owner and I suspect that the picture is of her cats…can't say the same thing for my boss…I know he doesn't drive a Bentley).

I have seen screensavers that contain seasonal images (snow-laden landscapes or images of spring-like flowers), I have seen images of attractive celebrities, athletes, even screensavers of Stewie from Family Guy.

Is it cool for a guy to have images of "guy" things…like cars, stacks of $100 bills, athletes, cans of Budweiser or "hot babes"?
Is it cool for a woman to have images of "guys with washboard abs" or "romantic sunsets", puppy dogs or Louis Vuitton purses? (By the way..yes I am exaggerating a stereotype).

I guess its whatever floats your boat. Whatever brings a smile to your face when you look at it; whatever motivates you.

Do our screen savers reveal our inner-selves or aspirations or are they there to remind us of our priorities in life?



About I'm Just A Dad

Stephen Gosewich is just a Dad (he is a former Enlightened Male but decided to change the name because when you search Enlightened Male, "other...wink, wink" are displayed. He spends his days during the week as a working stiff. At all other times, he just enjoys hanging out with his best friend and wife and their two very active and inspiring daughters.
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