Am I a baby?

I just saw an interview with a prominent Canadian female columnist who is promoting her new book about men from a female perspective. While she indicated in the interview that the book could be useful to both men and women, I think she is really targeting women who are seeking insight on how to understand and manage their male partners.

While I am not certain how she exactly did her research for this book, I would like to think that she not only sought out advice and input from women but from us guys as well.

One particular thing that she commented on during her television interview had to do with how she perceives men who are sick (specifically, sick with colds and flu). This was of notable interest to me because I am in the midst of my one-time-a-year cold and this one happens to be a doozy!

I usually get two kinds of colds…either the nasty version that can last about a week or two or the abridged version which I can nip in a couple of days. This one is the big kahuna…I feel it in my bones….a nasty, dry, hacking cough that hurts my head every time I have a coughing fit, coupled with a leaking nostril that no amount of tissue will ease. I am almost tempted to roll up a piece of tissue and shove it up my nostril to act as a plug (it would look good in business meetings, don’t ya think?)

But I digress…

This columnist accused men of being babies when they get colds; we are needy, whiny, kvetchy and baby-like. She says that women, by comparison, never complain and regardless of how lousy they feel are still expected to perform all the tasks they are responsible for in their role as wife, partner, mother, etc.

I have a feeling that out of all the blogs I have posted so far, this one will illicit the most responses from my quiet little group of followers. So feel free to “speak up!”

If I feel like crap, I feel like crap and anyone who doesn’t feel well should be entitled to let it “all hang out”, regardless of their sex. Yeah, I know, I know…men will never know the pain a woman feels because we are not capable of giving birth. I have heard it before…and its getting a little tired! While I have never squeezed a watermelon through a garden hose, I have had my fair share of discomfort and unpleasantness (if such a word exists!!)

Sometimes, we need the empathy of our partners when we feel lousy. We need someone to look after us when we feel tired, achy, sore or are hurting…that is why the expression “in sickness and in health” is so often used during marriage vows.

So, am I a baby? Do I whine? YES!!! But, you would have to ask my wife. If she thinks I do, then I do and I am damn proud of it.


About I'm Just A Dad

Stephen Gosewich is just a Dad (he is a former Enlightened Male but decided to change the name because when you search Enlightened Male, "other...wink, wink" are displayed. He spends his days during the week as a working stiff. At all other times, he just enjoys hanging out with his best friend and wife and their two very active and inspiring daughters.
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